WissKI odbc generator

This page provides a free service for anyone to quickly generate an .odbc file from a WissKI Pathbuilder XML export. To use it, first paste the pathbuilder xml below, or . You may also optionally configure selectors, by opening the selectors section below. Then click on the Generate ODBC button below.

When you generate an .odbc file, the contents of the pathbuilder are sent to the server for processing. Any contents you send to the server are discarded as soon as the .odbc file has been generated. No logs of any kind are stored.

This service may only be used using a web browser. This source code of this service is available on GitHub. For extended use use either the command line utility or host your own instance.

Selectors (optional)

You can optionally load a selectors file by pasting it below, or . You can also .


Click the result to select it or click to download.